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Shiv Shakti Art, Jindalam Advertising Pvt. Ltd Tanjore Art Gallery is the only place where completely embossed deity images are coated in 24 ct gold. This elaborate technique is commonly referred to as Tanjore Art Work.

Shiv Shakti Art, Jindalam Advertising Pvt. Ltd Tanjore Art Gallery, a prominent maker of Tanjore Paintings and Tanjore Dolls, has an internet presence. It is an endeavor to directly approach clients without the need for intermediaries or agents. After years of servicing our consumers through our conventional products, we are now bringing the same level of quality and service to our Online Channel.

To boost the quality of the embossed paintings created at Tanjore Art Gallery, we employ Akarshana’s technique of covering them with 22-ct gold foil. This is an art form that can be seen in ancient temples where the deities are clothed with a gold breastplate, and we at Tanjore Art Gallery include it in the work we perform on our embossed paintings. Tanjore Art Gallery has broken out of its shell and into the world of making finely detailed god paintings by infusing methodologies such as Akarshana and Ayadi Calculation, thanks to invaluable instruction and decades of expertise. We are convinced that Tanjore Art Gallery will continue to produce the most attractive artwork.

Shiv Shakti Art, or Tanjore Art Gallery, is one of the top attractions in Jaipur, built in the stunning Tanjore Royal Palace of the Nayaks. The art gallery houses a collection of historical antiques, paintings, and sculptures depicting Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The gallery, which was built in 1600 A.D., is divided into three sections: Pooja Mahal, Indira Mandir, and Rama Chowdam Hall. Visitors from all over the world come to marvel at these beautiful paintings and sculptures.

The Pooja Mahal displays some of the many stone carvings. The Arsenal Tower, also known as the Indira Mandir, has many manifestations of God and their weaponry, while the Rama Chowdam Hall houses bronze images and idol collections. Furthermore, just a few of these artworks from the Chola Dynasty (between the 9th and 13th centuries), the Nayak Dynasty (17th to 18th centuries), and the Pallava period were recovered.

The Saraswati Library and the famed Sangeetha Mahal are also part of the massive art exhibition.

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