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Marble Om Tanjore Painting Size 10×10″


Discover inner tranquillity and spiritual harmony with our elegant Marble Om Tanjore Painting, a 10×10-inch and  2 inch modling masterpiece that beautifully combines the sacred symbol “Om” with the traditional artistry of Tanjore.

This captivating work of art is a visual representation of spiritual serenity. The sacred symbol “Om” is meticulously hand-painted in the center, surrounded by the intricate and vibrant detailing that characterizes Tanjore art. The use of gold foil and precious gemstones adds an aura of divinity, making the painting a focal point of reverence and contemplation.

The Marble Om Tanjore Painting is a testament to the art form’s precision and devotion. The artist has painstakingly brought out the intricacies of the Om symbol and the exquisite detailing around it, creating a visual masterpiece that exudes a sense of sacredness and inner peace.

Measuring 10×10 inches, this painting is perfectly suited for spaces dedicated to meditation, yoga, or relaxation. It invites you to pause, reflect, and connect with your inner self. Hang it in your home, yoga studio, or meditation room to infuse the atmosphere with a sense of tranquility and spirituality.

The marriage of Tanjore art with the sacred Om symbol makes this painting a unique and meaningful addition to your art collection. It serves as a reminder of the profound spiritual significance of “Om” and the enduring beauty of Tanjore artistry.

The Marble Om Tanjore Painting is more than a piece of art; it’s a spiritual journey that invites you to explore the depths of your own consciousness. It is a symbol of divinity, inner peace, and artistic excellence, encapsulated within a 10×10-inch canvas.

Whether you seek to enhance your spiritual space or simply appreciate the beauty of sacred art, this painting is a must-have. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring the serenity of the “Om” symbol into your life through the intricate craftsmanship of Tanjore art.


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